As a portfolio biopharmaceutical company, we are operating at the forefront of both science and corporate strategy. We are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, not just in drug discovery and development to create new medicines, but also with the operating model for pursuing such activities within a company.

We have a highly experienced, industrially seasoned team focused on truth-seeking and dispassionate decision-making within a flat, non-hierarchical organizational structure. Data-led enquiry is at the heart of our organization, and we challenge our own heuristics and preconceptions. We are committed to lifelong learning and we approach every project with humility and an open mind, and a commitment to continuous improvement. We always speak honestly and frankly, and we argue assertively based on the professional truth as we see it, irrespective of seniority. We celebrate success with grace and we face setbacks with resilience, knowing that every experience is an opportunity to grow stronger together. We are a strictly non-political organization that focuses solely on its mission to develop important new medicines. Political views do not enter our workplace.

We’re looking for individuals who share our passion for developing breakthrough medicines. If you choose to join us, you will also be helping to build a company that is challenging standard preconceptions about how biopharmaceutical companies operate. So if you’re ready to join a team that values all of the above then we invite you to bring your talents to our company.


Benefits of Working With Us


Flat non-hierarchical organization


Transparency and clear decision-making


Dispassionate truth-seeking culture


Team leveraged over many innovative programs based on breakthrough discoveries


Collegiate environment built on excellence without ego


Competitive benefits packages including generous equity incentivization schemes


We worked together as a whole company to identify the core values that are common to all of us and that have been reflected in Apollo’s success to date, and that will continue to be critical to our future.

We value selflessness, putting the needs of Apollo first. We appreciate lack of personal ego in our interactions. We encourage contribution to the sense of community at Apollo.

We value the power of teamwork as we know we can achieve so much more together than we can on our own. Even the biggest, most insurmountable challenges can be overcome in a team and we already have great examples of this. We all perform at our best with supportive colleagues who are kind and care for each other because none of us are invincible.

We value open and frank communication that is delivered with humility and respect. We invest energy in communicating widely and appropriately (internally, externally with stakeholders, “360”) so that everyone has the information they need to feel sufficiently informed. We prefer to err on the side of over-communication and if we think communication is lacking we will speak up to help the organization self-correct. We seek to speak honestly and frankly, to listen, and to argue assertively on the basis of professional truth as we see it, irrespective of seniority. We seek to communicate in a manner that builds trust, for example ensuring communication is clear, concise, and accurately conveys uncertainty, unknowns or assumptions. We value humility in all of our interactions, internal and external, and we will always guard against arrogance or boastfulness.

We value trustworthiness and personal integrity as these are core to the scientific method and the endeavor of developing new medicines that will ultimately impact human lives, and we also depend on trust from multiple stakeholders to operate. We take personal responsibility for building and maintaining trust, especially by doing what we say we are going to do, and we avoid making commitments we cannot keep. We value reliability and personal accountability as a core component of trust and teamwork. We depend on each other to inform our decision-making and we trust that information is available, up-to-date and accurate.

We all genuinely love ‘drug-hunting’ and we recognize the privilege of working in this amazing and wonderful industry. We display relentless passion about the process of turning novel science into new drugs and we are committed to achieving world-class excellence in every aspect of our business. Passion can be seen in the energy, determination and tenacity we bring to our roles and projects. Whilst we are passionate about drug-hunting, we are completely dispassionate when it comes to scientific and commercial decision-making.

We value curiosity. Curiosity drives a desire to learn, and continuous learning is essential for progress in science and innovation. We value learning and applying a ‘beginner’s mind’ to situations and opportunities. Being curious enables us to go beyond the obvious, digging deeper and connecting disparate pieces of information to achieve new insights and creative ideas.

We value intellectual nimbleness and the ability to respond quickly and adjust to new insights, data or changes in the environment. Nimbleness includes being receptive to new ideas, opinions or arguments, and also open to challenge to our own ideas. We also value insights into intellectual processes and we constantly strive to identify and manage biases so we can make ever better decisions. We value a can-do attitude; to enable every possible avenue to ensure Apollo’s success.

We value courage. Courage involves a willingness to take risks to pursue what one believes is right and in the best interest of Apollo, even if this might mean arguing against consensus team views or challenging the views of senior management. Whilst we recognize this can be uncomfortable at times, we also recognize that it is essential for Apollo’s success and we will always support individuals proposing alternative courses of action or ideas. And we challenge ideas or arguments, not the person. We value boldness and ambition for individuals and company, whilst always taking care to be grounded in reality.


We use specialist recruiters focused on R&D and other professional functions such as Finance and Strategy for our recruitment. Where possible we seek to post new roles on LinkedIn as and when they arise.