Our strategy is based on four core components:


We are developing a large and diversified portfolio of novel therapeutics with uncorrelated risk. We currently have five programs in development and over 15 more programs in discovery and preclinical development.

We focus on programs that have the potential to be first-in-class and/or best-in-class in major commercial markets. We are agnostic to indication and program selection is primarily driven by the strength of the scientific hypothesis and supporting evidence, together with the potential to transform the standard of care in major commercial markets.

We have core competencies in biology and small molecule and monoclonal antibody discovery. Where applicable we use human genetics, particularly Mendelian randomization, to infer disease causality for molecular targets that form the basis of our programs.


Developing innovative new medicines requires breakthroughs in biology and basic medical research which typically occur in top universities. We have core innovation sourcing and drug discovery collaborations with six of the world’s leading universities:
We also in-license or acquire clinical-stage programs where we have unique insights and synergies arising from our discovery and preclinical activities to further accelerate the growth of our portfolio.

Capital Efficiency

We are developing a large and diversified portfolio of novel therapeutics. This is a capital intensive undertaking and it is essential that we are highly capital efficient in all that we do. There are many design decisions behind our company that drive capital efficiency, starting with the design of our expert industrial team.

Our “hub-and-spoke” approach comprises a centralized management “hub” of capital allocators and functional leaders with deep expertise in pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, commercial strategy and business development, leveraged over our large portfolio of therapeutic programs.

Our therapeutic programs are each housed in separate wholly owned subsidiary companies, with each of these “spokes” led by dedicated and industrially-seasoned program leaders who report into the top of the company.

We operate in a highly outsourced manner with low fixed costs and with the great majority of our expenditure spent directly on R&D.


We are a team of expert and successful drug discoverers and developers drawn from the world’s premier pharmaceutical companies.

We are focused on excellence in science-based decision-making and have built a flat, non-hierarchical organization with a dispassionate, truth-seeking culture to facilitate this.

There are many design decisions behind our set-up that drive excellence in decision-making, including our organizational structure and design, who we hire, our corporate values, our incentivization schemes, our transparent decision-making processes, and our governance and challenge systems.


All of our design decisions, along with our strategy, are captured and described in the Apollo Enterprise Framework which forms the basis for our operating model.