Development Assets

Status for all assets progressed into full development


Camoteskimab is an anti-IL18 mAb that is being developed as a novel therapeutic for inflammatory indications such as atopic dermatitis


Study location: United States, Canada


APL-4098 is a highly selective and potent small molecule kinase inhibitor targeting the Integrated Stress Response (ISR)


Study location: Australia


Novel small molecule kinase inhibitor that blocks tumorigenic wnt signalling


Study location: United States


First-in-class mAb that is being developed as a novel therapeutic for pulmonary hypertension


Study location: Australia


A novel anti-viral vaccine to prevent exacerbations of major chronic lung conditions including COPD


We have over fifteen active drug discovery and pre-clinical therapeutic programs, almost all of which are based on breakthroughs in biology and basic medical research made at our partner universities and institutions. Our R&D philosophy is explained below.

Our R&D philosophy

We believe a portfolio approach permits dispassionate, data-driven and truth-seeking decision-making, enabling active attrition with no single asset bias.

Our R&D discovery platform

We have developed unique relationships and access to cutting-edge discoveries from basic medical research conducted at our world-class partner institutions.

Our R&D expertise

We are a team of hightly trained and experienced multi-disciplinary drug discoverers and developers. We all have many years of proven delivery in the world's best pharma and biotech companies.

Our target selection

We develop new drugs based on breakthrough scientific discoveries in basic medical research, with our focus on strong experimental validation, human biology and genetics.

Our biological focus

We have broad therapy area interests across the portfolio, with a biological focus on cell signalling and cell stress responses relevant to oncology, immunology and metabolic disease.

Our decision-making to progress into IND-enabling development and beyond

We progress only the best ideas and high quality drug candidates into IND-enabling studies, with the intention of these programs then progressing through at least Phase 2 clinical studies.

Our translational biology

Our extensive experience in human disease biology and genetics shapes our focus on translational studies. Human-based experimental systems and human genetics are critical to our thinking.

Our IP strategy

All of our programs are extensively protected through strong IP strategy and prosecution.

Expanded Access

Apollo evaluates expanded access requests on a case-by-case basis, consistent with the Expanded Access Policy.

Please contact Apollo with any questions or requests at medicalinfo@apollotx.com